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TATIJANA, 20 y/o
LA, CA―5'10 1/2

Why are you afraid of running in front of ppl?? What about workout videos like the Jillian Michael’s ones?


Idk about thigh fat I don’t work at a specific area. I jog a lot. I eat tiny meals throughout the day


This was so sweet and kind thank you so Much I most definitely have :, )


Haha thank you !


Thank you so much ^.^


Hi! I’m not too sure I don’t want to give any false information bc I’m not a health coach or trainer but I’m sure if you do some research you can figure that out!


Hi beautiful!! My #1 motivations is picturing myself at my goal and tumblr! Follow a lot of health blogs you like : )


Hi Natasha!!!! Honestly….. (This might be so lame in comparison to what you do) I buy these gluten free veggie patties from Costco… They are SO GOOD


Thank you !!!